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Nice table for traveling.

This is definitely a good device to have for traveling. It is great for keeping kids toys in a more secure location. One of the hardest things is when you are driving and your kid drops a toy and you cannot grab it until the car is stopped. This allows you to keep the toys on the table as much as possible. For my nephew, it gives him loads of entertainment from drawing to having access to toys. You can put food on the table but I recommend it still be in a sealed container. That being said, you have two linings that you can put anywhere. This can be to create a sealed table so toys do not roll off or a cubby for you to put bottled water or other toys the table itself is dry erase board. This is great for drawing. My nephew absolutely adores drawing on this. I would recommend using dry eraser as it is the easiest to clean. Cleaning the table is very easy just wipe it down with a damp cloth. The table is pretty sturdy. Being secured on both sides via clips that work for any child carseats. The sides of the table are just your normal nylon like fiber. This makes it very sturdy while keeping it flexible. The table span about the width of the car seat which gives fill coverage. Overall I think this is a great device to have. It keeps your kids entertained while keeping your car organized and cleaner.

Traveling life saver!

I wish I had a photo of her actually using it, but unfortunately I didn't think to take one on the plane. This photo is all of her things packed and the travel tray fit perfectly inside her carry on (even though it was already stuffed pretty full). I was also about to slide some felt activity books underneath the plastic on the top of the tray. She was able to fit her crayons, colored pencils, coloring book, one of the magic coloring books & marker set, snacks, and her sippy cup in the side pockets. We also brought some blocks, other small toys, and an iPad and the tray was so helpful for making it possible for her to play with while on the plane. She's currently 2 years old. We travel a lot so I'm so grateful we purchased this for future trips and it will get plenty of use. She also has plenty of room to grow into it so she could be using it for years. The only negative would be that I wish the velcro dividers were a bit more sturdy. They are kind of flimsy and I can see them no longer functioning that well after a few uses. Overall I would recommend this travel tray, but if the tray top dividers are a really important feature for you maybe consider a different brand.

Easy to use, sturdy, great for kids

I received my order very quickly. It is what I expected. It seems pretty durable, easy to clean. I think it will work pretty well.

Amazing! purchasing another for other grandchild

This works wonderful in a car seat. I especially like the fact that it straps in. We strapped it in around the back of our 4yr old granddaughter. She loves it. Everything is within reach for her including her waterbottle, pens, paper and if she doesn't want to write on the paper she can use the Whiteboard. We packed it with a pad of paper, crayons, colored pencils and wipe off markers. Everything fits in there so nice. It's a great idea that you can close it up when they get out of their car seat. They can bring it in the restaurant or wherever you're going. If you choose to bring it in a restaurant, keep in mind that it is on the bigger side. It does take up some room. The tablet display option is also very good. She used my phone inside of it because we don't own a tablet. It works just as well. using this one time I decided to purchase another one for my six-year-old grandson.

I wish I had invented it. Great for kids and Travel are home!

These are a lifesaver for travel or at home. My daughter two for their five and three-year-olds for a 14 Hour drive. It kept them busy and captivated. My other daughter saw the travel trays and immediately ordered two for her young children. I then ordered one for my great niece. Compact, Durable and also functional! You get a gold star from us! Thank you.


leVertile is a Kid's Best Friend - No matter if your toddler is hungry or bored, we've got the lap tray that does it all. From keeping the little ones entertained on a long plane, train, or car ride, to giving them somewhere to enjoy their snacks comfortably, leVertile's Travel and Play Tray offers fun and functionality for both boys and girls. Not to mention, it gives mom and dad a worthy backseat organizer at the same time!

Keep kids happy, engaged, and content for days! leVertile's Kids Travel Tray has you covered!

Storage Room To Spare - With a medium sized tablet pouch (10”w), two cup holders and a removable/collapsible storage compartment, you'll have more room to know what to do with! There are two large zippered pockets and additional mesh pockets for even more storage. So, no matter how many crayons, travel toys, or snacks you need to bring with you, you can make sure you have room for it all.

Space saving dry erase board doubles as mess-containing eating tray, then easily restores to like new clean with a few wipes of a damp paper towel, without ghosting, staining or looking dingy.

leVertile car seat tray provides a creative surface image with fun characters and pictures. Erasable surface layer makes cleaning up by a piece of napkin paper and you can place a piece of paper under the plastic layer, your children can color as much as their children-hood imagination, without ever running out of paper!

Our Travel Tray can be used EVERYWHERE

Arrives Ready to Use In Any Vehicle, Stroller, High Chair, or Anywhere Your Child is Seated

 leVertile kids play tray


No tools required! Attaches quickly and easily virtually anywhere you go with your child!

Installing the leVertile Kids Travel Tray is effortless! The included protective strap is adjustable for all shapes and sizes and can be used with car seats, strollers, high chairs, and virtually any other place your child is seated. When your child is done using the travel tray, simply detach the strap, fold it up, and stow away in your vehicle or use the handle to carry it with you!


leVertile kids play tray installation guide

leVertile Kids Travel Tray

leVertile Kids Travel Tray